Understanding Autism E-Learning Course

Autism is a lifelong development disability affecting how an individual communicates and relates to the world around them. Learn how the quality of life for Adults and Children with Autistic Spectrum Conditions and their families can be greatly improved through early support and care.

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Understanding Autism Aims

Everyone with an Autistic Spectrum Condition is unique. As highlighted in the new Government Guidelines ‘Think Autism: Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives... April 2014’, it is essential that Care and Support Services work together to give careful consideration to each person’s particular needs, strengths, talents and wishes. Support should be person centred and timely.

Working this way will enable them to live fulfilling and rewarding lives within a society that accepts and understands them.

Understanding Autism E-Learning Objectives

Understanding Autism e-learning is designed for anyone whose job may bring them into day to day contact with people with Autism including practitioners within LA, Health, Police and Education Services. The course aims:

  • To cover the ‘basic awareness’ level of skills and knowledge as described in the Autism Skills and Knowledge list produced by Skills for Health, Skills for Care and the National Autistic Society.
  • Offer the latest 2014 government policy initiatives and good practice in supporting people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions.
  • Provide practical approaches, tools and technologies that promote a person centred approach to meeting needs.

Understanding Autism E-Learning Course Content

Understanding Autism e-learning course includes:

  • The background and aims of Autism
  • Presentation of an Autism Spectrum Condition
  • DSM-5
  • Obsessions, Rituals and Compulsions
  • Sensory Issues
  • Timings and Transitions
  • Childhood to Adulthood
  • Mental Capacity
  • Safeguarding Adults at Risk
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Reactions and Behaviour
  • Promoting Good Health
  • Planning & Providing Support
  • The NICE guidance for Children
  • Case Studies
  • Final Quiz
  • Further Information
Ask us about our Understanding Autism course

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