Technical Information

kwango ltd. provides advice and assistance in using and implementing different e-learning technologies, including Learning Management Systems, (LMS).

When building e-learning or blended learning solutions for our customers, however, we believe that our preferred technology has the following benefits:


The cost of the software used to run the e-learning course on the client, (customer), PC is zero. Your budget is spent on the learning content, not software to run it.

Ease of use

We strive to make our e-learning courses as creative, engaging and easy to use as possible. We recognise that if learners don't want to use e-learning then they won't!


Our e-learning solutions are 100% web-browser enabled and run over the internet, intranet, DVD, Worbook or hosted on SCORM compliant Learning Management Systems. The software required to run your e-learning course is already installed on over 98% of the world’s web-browser enabled desktop or laptop PC’s.


Our e-learning courses are designed, as a minimum, to be delivered over broadband internet connections


We design our e-learning to work on at least 1024 x 768 screen resolution. This means that most users browsing web sites can access our courses at their preferred resolution on either laptop or desktop PC’s.

Web Browsers

Our e-learning has been designed to be cross-browser compatible and should run on any web browser supporting Flash Player 9 or later.