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Our Support Brokerage E-Learning Course aims to help a large and varied audience of learners, including potential and existing Brokers, understand this vital role.

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Support Brokerage E-Learning Aims

Support Brokerage is now seen as a crucial component to the transformation of Social Care under the Government’s Personalisation Agenda.

It can help people:

  • Develop a Support Plan that clearly identifies the way their support will be organised and how much it will cost
  • Think about creative ways of meeting their assessed needs
  • Maximise their income and opportunities
  • Implement an agreed support plan

Support Brokerage E-Learning Objectives

Support Brokerage e-learning aims to:

  • Promote an understanding of the role of a Support Broker among service users, their families, carers, staff and managers in statutory and voluntary organisations within the Health, Social and Community Sectors.
  • Offer an introduction to good policy and practice in the areas of Personalisation and Self-Directed Care.
  • Promote the development of support that is truly user-led.

Support Brokerage E-Learning Course Content

Support Brokerage e-learning course includes:

  • The background and aims of Support Brokerage
  • Functions of Brokerage
  • Interviews with Director of the National Brokerage Network and Support Brokers
  • The Role of a Support Broker
  • Creating a Support Plan
  • Submitting a Support Plan
  • How to choose a Broker
Ask us about our Support Brokerage course

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