Enablement E-Learning Course

Learn how Enablement, (also known as Re-ablement), care support promotes independence and a person's involvement and empowerment through a rehabilitative approach.

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Enablement Aims

Enablement or Re-ablement is a rehabilitation approach which provides people who have disabilities or frailty with the means to do as much as they can for themselves.

It also provides the opportunity for people to have independence within their own homes for as long as possible.

Enablement E-Learning Objectives

This Enablement e-learning course will help Homecare Staff and other Health and Social Care Practitioners to:

  • Understand the background to Enablement, including the reasons why it is so important to provide a new approach, and the benefits of this
  • Be clear about the processes involved in Enablement and how they fit in with your Local Authority and NHS services
  • Make a difference to peoples’ lives by adopting an Enabling approach to care support and treatment

Enablement E-Learning Course Content

The Enablement approach supports the Government's 'Personalisation' agenda; providing care support which caters for the individual's needs 'in a way that fits into their lives.' The course includes:

  • The background to Enablement
  • The Enablement process and its impact on practice
  • Disability equipment solutions
Ask us about our Enablement e-learning course