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Dementia E-Learning Course

The lives of people with Dementia can be improved through early diagnosis. This will allow more time for treatment and for people with Dementia to make choices about their future care whilst they still have the mental capacity to do so. Our Dementia e-learning course focuses on the recognition, care and treatment of Dementia.

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Aims of the National Dementia Strategy

The Government’s first ever National Dementia Strategy aims to transform the quality of Dementia care. It sets out initiatives designed to make the lives of people with Dementia, their Carers and families better and more fulfilled.

The National Dementia Strategy will increase awareness of Dementia, ensure early diagnosis and intervention and radically improve the quality of care that people with the condition receive.

Objectives of the Dementia e-learning course

Dementia is the loss of mental abilities such as thinking, remembering, and reasoning. There are many different types of Dementia, each with their own causes.

In line with the National Dementia Strategy this course is designed to help Health and Social Care Workers, Volunteers, Carers and Service Users to understand Dementia. It also provides guidance about responding to, caring for, and treating people with Dementia.

Content of the National Dementia Strategy

  • Recognising Dementia; what is and is not Dementia
  • Causes of Dementia
  • Treatments
  • Dealing with challenging behaviour

The Dementia e-learning course promotes person-centred care to achieve optimum ‘well-being’ for anyone with Dementia