Customer Praise

"We are very happy with the CSE programme. It is easy to read and understand with excellent visuals, pace, great flow and full of loads of important information. It is user-friendly and lots of excellent further reading is included..."
Kirklees LSCB
"Members of the East Sussex Autism Partnership Board researched various autism e-learning tools looking at: time taken to complete, user friendliness, ease of information to understand, how engaging the tool was and how enjoyable. The Kwango tool was consistently the preferred option on all counts and this is the one we will be using!"
East Sussex Council
"We ordered six Kwango E-Learning programmes for our staff training because of the high quality content and the engaging and accessible approach used in the delivery of their courses"
Bradstow School, Kent
"We are getting very good feedback from everyone who is using your e-learning courses. We have other e-Learning in Hull but kwango e-learning stands out in comparison."
Kingston upon Hull City Council
"The Self-Directed Support and Direct Payments courses are excellent.  We are immensely impressed by the quality, the thoroughness of the content and the way the programmes can be tailored for our authority. It will be very good training for our staff and the PVI sector and we will use it in Supervision too."
Plymouth City Council
"We are really pleased with the package and feel the learning outcomes for users will be excellent. Thanks for all your hard work."
Newcastle City Council
"We have negotiated a very favourable contract with kwango. The quality of the kwango products is excellent, and its approach to the use of IT as the learning medium is extremely well considered."
"The e-learning is excellent. kwango is providing Gloucestershire with an innovative and cost-effective solution to the challenges faced by all local authorities; implementing learning programmes on a large scale across Children’s and Adult services. We use them as pre-learning, refresher and awareness raising for thousands of learners across all our partner agencies."
Gloucestershire County Council
"Working in partnership, NHS North Yorkshire & York, York Primary Care Trust, North Yorkshire County Council and City of York Council, made the decision to purchase additional kwango DOL e-learning because the package that had been purchased previously had the desired effect of raising awareness with staff throughout all organisations. The purchase process has been speedy and can be recommended."
NHS North Yorkshire & York
"I have been through the programme and it looks brilliant. The tailoring process has been very speedy. I'm impressed."
London Borough of Croydon
"The e-learning is fantastic! The case studies really do the job of covering the Community and NHS sectors and getting staff thinking about all the issues. The monitoring of our 8000 learners gives us extremely useful information for Continuing Professional Development purposes. We have commissioned kwango to develop additional courses for us."
Doncaster & Bassetlaw NHS Foundation Trust
"kwango is our preferred supplier of e-learning. Their programmes are very useful for awareness level training for a broad range of people, to be followed by specific content and approaches for people in particular roles. As well as individuals completing packages, the materials can be used by managers, trainers and others for groups in face to face settings, so the materials are versatile. Added to this, kwango are very good at customising their packages for the organisations that purchase from them. This means that you then have a product which meets your needs particularly, rather than ‘one size fits all’"
Wiltshire County Council
"We are very pleased to order your e-learning for our Trust and would be happy to give a reference to any other organisation about the quality of your programmes and service."
Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust
"Having looked at other E-Learning companies we chose kwango programmes because of the Social Care knowledge you have and the professional look and feel of their courses."
Hartlepool Borough Council
"Everyone loves kwango e-learning! We think your e-learning is excellent and the price is very good."
Cumbria County Council
"We chose your e-learning over other competitors because of the quality of the programme, its accessibility regarding a range of disabilities, the ability to customise it to our authority's needs and the price."
Buckinghamshire County Council
"Your e-learning is fantastic and I’m a huge fan of your approach."
Sheffield City Council
"The e-learning programmes are very comprehensive and look great! I have looked at many different e-learning packages from various companies and your programmes again remind me of how professional you are and what good quality your e-learning is. Thanks for all you are doing for our West Berkshire partnership."
Wokingham Borough Council
"We ordered your e-learning because the content is very interesting and thorough. We can use them both as a pre-learner and as a refresher/ resource to remember face-to-face training by and we have customised the courses to meet our authority’s needs. The programmes are very good and consequently we are now commissioning you to develop more e-learning."
London Borough of Newham
"We are very happy to work with you to develop our own health-orientated case studies that reflect our services."
Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation TrustTrust
"Your e-learning takes us beyond presentation of information in the simple question and answer format and skillfully incorporates more interactive training methods. It handsomely meets the standard of our quality assurance group."
Kent County Council
"Your e-learning is great! What a service!"
Suffolk County Council
"You have supplied us with a great e-learning tool to cascade to our partner organisations. We are now using your e-learning as an alternative to Awareness Level training so that we can use our face-to-face training for more in depth/higher level sessions. We are also really pleased that we could pull off information to feed our statistics regarding take up etc."
Hampshire County Council
"One of the things we like about kwango e-learning programmes is that they are very simple to use, which is a major advantage where a fair percentage of learners are not used to e-learning or computers."
London Borough of Lambeth
"The kwango programmes provide essential information in a clear and straightforward way. The flexibility and efficiency of your e-learning means that programmes like these can make a major contribution to an overall Learning and Development plan."
Coventry City Council
"The e-learning programmes are excellent and will help us in both raising awareness with a huge audience in our authority and acting as a refresher for staff attending training. kwango e-learning has clear messages and is simple to use with really good scenarios which give a sense of reality and usefulness to the programmes for the practitioner."
Hertfordshire County Council
"Combines experience, technical creativity and research into national guidance to produce a comprehensive approach."
London Borough of Hammersmith
"We have started to run the first sets of face to face training for those people who have used your online programme as pre-learning and it has made a real difference."
Northamptonshire County Council
"You are a star!!"
North Lincolnshire Council
"Some of the packages we looked at were very dull and did not make good use of the IT available, it was like reading a book on line. I would say you are closer to the Holy Grail than many other programmes which I have looked at, so very happy to use your e-learning, it's much more interesting and well put together."
Wiltshire County Council
"I have been involved in the commissioning of several e-learning packages from kwango and have always found their approach to be consultative and informative, delivering high quality and up-to-date e-learning packages which are well researched and to consistently high standards. kwango's approach is one of partnership, putting the customer’s needs at the heart of negotiations."
Manchester City Council
"I am really pleased with our e-learning courses as they are really good. I am glad you are developing other e-learning courses for us. Do keep me informed of new products."
Suffolk County Council
"Your e-learning is really good so we came to you to commission additional courses for our Trust."
St George's Healthcare NHS Trust
"Your Safeguarding e-learning courses are mandatory for all staff up to and including the Chief Executive."
NHS Northamptonshire
"Your e-learning courses have had the most effective training impact in many years."
Cornwall County Council
"We really like your e-learning courses.They offer really good awareness training."
Kirklees Council
"Your programmes are visually very stimulating; interactive, accessible and easy to navigate using clear, simple English."
NHS Barnsley
"It's really good and I'm getting excellent feedback from learners."
Essex County Council
"Great service!" Barnet, Enfield & Haringey NHS Trust

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