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Kwango Stroke Pathway E-Learning

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Kwango has recently launched our latest e-learning course on Stroke Pathway, adding to our suite of other popular health and adult services e-learning courses.

The impact of Stroke is immense and our course is designed to give Health and Social Care Staff, Stroke Patients and Carers an awareness of the journey that may be taken by someone affected by Stroke.

This includes an understanding of the causes and effects of a Stroke, the treatment and prevention of Stroke and the long term care support and re-integration into community life.

Our course contains interactive interviews with Stroke survivors and professionals plus quizzes to further engage learners. As with all our courses, it can be customised for each individual authority.

Personal Assistant Induction E-Learning

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Kwango has recently launched our latest Transformation Agenda e-learning course on Personal Assistant Induction, adding to our suite of other Transformation Agenda e-learning courses.

Personal Assistant Induction e-learning is a companion course to our Self-Directed Support e-learning, Direct Payments e-learning and Enablement e-learning courses.

The programme was commissioned by Skills for Care (Surrey and Suffolk), East and West Sussex, Brighton and Hove, Barnsley, Gloucestershire, Kent, Somerset and Wiltshire Councils. This means that we have had a wealth of feedback to help us develop a high quality programme.

The Personal Assistant Induction e-learning course includes interviews with Employers and their PAs to highlight important issues arising in their relationships, along with quizzes to further engage learners. Naturally, the course can be made available to Employers and their Personal Assistants.

The Transformation Agenda in Adult Social Care aims to put people first through a radical reform of public services.  It will mean that people are able to live their own lives and promote their own individual needs for independence, well-being, and dignity.

The kwango ContactPoint e-learning course

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

kwango has recently launched our latest Children’s Services e-learning course on ContactPoint, adding to the nationwide popularity of our suite of other programmes. The kwango ContactPoint e-learning course is already being used by authorities across the country.

Contactpoint e-learning is a companion to our very popular Information Sharing e-learning course.

How are customers using Kwango ContactPoint e-learning? There are a number of ways.

The course provides interactive information and knowledge of ContactPoint for all staff, so that everyone understands the importance of ContactPoint in time for the winter 2009/10 roll out.

It is being used as a pre-learner or refresher for Authorised ContactPoint Users undertaking face-to-face ContactPoint training.

Customers use it as a companion to our very successful Information Sharing e-learning course. kwango Information Sharing e-learning also acts as a pre-learner to face-to-face training for Authorised Users of ContactPoint.

kwango ContactPoint e-learning can be customised for each individual authority to add important local details, strategies, terminology and contact numbers to help ensure a high quality, effective, easy to use learning experience.

ContactPoint is an important new Government initiative to support the “Every Child Matters” agenda. kwango is pleased to offer its own support to the nationwide roll-out programme planned for late 2009/early 2010.

Creative ways to increase the use of e-learning!

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Induction Training in Cambridgeshire, Pre-learning in Northamptonshire and E-Learning Launches in Gloucestershire. Multi-agency training with a consistent message in the Social and Healthcare sectors.  Reaching the parts other training cannot reach!

These are just a few examples of how kwango customers are using e-learning to reach out to the large number of practitioners who need training in our Adult Services, Children’s Services and Healthcare subject areas.

If you are an existing kwango customer you can contact us for our latest Advice Notes on how you can increase the take-up of e-learning in your organisation.