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E-Learning for Residential Care Homes

Monday, June 1st, 2009

We have been very pleased by the response to our newly redesigned website. In addition to an increase in general traffic, we have been delighted to see an increase in enquiries about our e-learning courses  from sectors we haven’t traditionally served directly. Topping this list with a substantial number of enquiries are residential care homes for older people.

Although pleasing, this level of response is not altogether surprising: kwango e-learning and residential care homes for older people are a perfect fit. We offer a number of e-learning courses which can benefit their staff directly, such as our Dementia, Safeguarding Adults, Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and Mental Capacity Act e-learning courses, and we also offer a very economical way to help smaller institutions to achieve across-the-board training.

Of course, it is not just residential care homes for older people who stand to benefit from our e-learning courses: other organisations may be interested in our Safeguarding Children e-learning course or any number of our other e-learning courses. We hope, through our new website, to continue to find more opportunities to deliver our Adult Services, Children’s Services and Healthcare e-learning courses.