Kwango’s suite of Adult Safeguarding and Children’s Safeguarding E-Learning Courses

Following the Government’s recently announced Safeguarding Statutory Guidance in March, we are delighted to offer a suite of Adult Services Social Care and Healthcare Services ‘Safeguarding’ E-Learning courses:

Safeguarding Adults under the Care Act; Safeguarding Leadership; Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards; Mental Capacity and Domestic Violence and Abuse

Alongside this, we are also offering a suite of Children’s Services Social Care, Healthcare and Education Services ‘Safeguarding’ E-Learning courses:

Safeguarding Children; Safeguarding Children in Education; Child Sexual Exploitation, Domestic Violence and Abuse; Early Help Assessment

To ensure all your managers, staff and multi-agency partners are up-to-date with both the law and their practice, why not order our Safeguarding E-Learning courses now? All staff will receive the necessary training to understand the signs and symptoms of abuse and the best practice in dealing with it.

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