Kwango Common Core of Skills and Knowledge E-Learning

Kwango is pleased to announce the launch of its Common Core of Skills and Knowledge E-Learning course, which is the latest addition to its other popular Children’s Services, Adult Services and Health Care E-Learning Courses.

In line with the current Government’s ‘Help Children Achieve More’ strategy and its emphasis on all organisations working together to ensure this happens, our Common Core framework describes the basic skills and knowledge needed if you have regular contact with children, young people and families through your job.

Workers need good basic knowledge and skills so that services meet people’s needs and improve children’s life chances.

Common Core of Skills and Knowledge e-learning is an awareness level programme designed to help children’s workforce staff in the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors in a number of ways. These include providing a basic understanding of the importance of child protection; knowledge of local procedures to keep children safe; working with other agencies to deliver a good service; learning effective communication skills and how to share information appropriately; understanding how babies, children and young people develop and providing support during periods of transition.

It is the foundation on which to make use of some of our other programmes including Safeguarding Children, Safeguarding Leadership, CAF, Integrated Working, Lead Professional, Information Sharing and Working with Parents.

As with all our courses, it can be customised for each individual organisation to meet their particular local strategies. We have already created bespoke foundation programmes for Warrington- ‘One Force’ and are in the process of completing Tower Hamlets ‘Family Wellbeing Model’.

The course allows electronic tracking of user and usage and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which gives learners both the advantage and flexibility of completing the course at their own pace and to suit their work schedule.

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