The UK’s first Excellent Provider of Quality Social Care E-learning and Healthcare E-Learning

With all the challenges facing Health and Social Care at present, it is becoming increasingly hard to spare time and money on training. Employers also need to know that they are going to achieve the desired outcomes and at the right budget.

That is why Kwango are proud to be the first Social Care e-learning provider in England to receive the Skills Academy Excellence Award for our e-learning programmes. This endorsement provides customers with a guarantee that they are receiving the best possible training and that they are investing wisely in developing their staff.

Training providers who are ‘Centres of Excellence’ demonstrate exemplary commitment to meeting the needs of learners in Adult Social Care, complying with the social model of care and understanding and measuring the impact of their provision on the lives of service users.

E-Learning can play a crucial role in creating efficiencies and Kwango are committed to providing cost effective Social Care and Healthcare E-Learning which is engaging, flexible and fully accessible.

  • We charge a ‘one-off’ fee for an indefinite, unlimited licence which means courses can be made available to customer’s partner agencies and the Private, Voluntary and Independent sector, thus reaching out to many 1000s of learners.
  • We deliver both bespoke and off-the-shelf Social Care E-learning and Healthcare E-learning courses and all courses are visually stimulating, highly interactive and contain case examples, informal and formal quizzes, photo-animated interviews/ case studies and action plans.
  • All courses can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which gives learners both the advantage and flexibility of completing courses at their own pace and to suit their work schedule.
  • Kwango Social Care E-Learning and Healthcare E-Learning is carefully designed to meet a range of learning needs. It can be used on its own as awareness raising for individual and group development for staff who may not receive any other form of training. Alternatively, it can be used as part of face-to-face training and act as a pre-learner, as a refresher or reminder of face-to-face training.

We firmly believe that E-Learning is not just about transferring knowledge. It should also help to change practice, so the best quality of care is provided throughout as demonstrated by our Excellence status.

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