Kwango Safeguarding Leadership E-Learning

Kwango is pleased to announce the launch of its Safeguarding Leadership E-Learning course, which is the latest addition to its other popular Children’s Services, Adult Services and Health Care E-Learning Courses. It coincides with Professor Munro’s Report on Child Protection and the recent National Skills Academy leadership initiatives for Adults at Risk.

Our Safeguarding Leadership E-learning course offers a clear overview of the roles and responsibilities as well as skills and knowledge needed by leaders and managers to safeguard children and adults at risk.

It is designed to help Supervisors, Frontline and Senior Managers in Children’s and Adult Services, Health, Education, the Police, Private, Voluntary and Independent sectors in a number of ways. These include being able to meet their responsibilities to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and adults at risk; provide support and guidance to help frontline staff make clear and appropriate decisions; have the skills to challenge frontline staff in their work with parents and carers and promote best practice in supporting and supervising staff who work with children or adults at risk.

Our Safeguarding Leadership E-Learning course adopts a modular approach allowing Senior Managers and Councillors to undertake the Leadership module and Team and Supervisors to choose the Supervision module. It also draws on the experience of leaders and managers from a range of agencies in a number of photo-animated interviews and includes interactive quizzes to further engage learners.

As with all our courses, Safeguarding Leadership E-Learning can be customised for each individual organisation and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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